Tune up with your iPhone

ToneTune for the iPhoneIf you’d like to train yourself to tune your instrument by ear, your iPhone can help. Stanton Studio, LLC has recently released a new iPhone App called ToneTune for just this purpose.

With over 60 unique tunings for an impressive list of instruments, including guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, and more, ToneTune will provide you with a digital tuning fork right in your iPhone. Select your instrument and tuning and then tap the graphic to select which string you’d like to tune and ToneTune will play the note for you so you can tune your instrument to match the pitch.

The app can play all the string notes in sequence, and repetedly. You can even adjust the pitch of the A4 base note if you feel the need. The options are impressive.

The ToneTune website contains an introductory video, feature list, instrument list, and screenshots of the various menus.

ToneTune is available in English and Spanish.

A lite version, to be available for free with a reduced number of tunings and note range, is currently in the works. The full version on ToneTune is currently available through the iTunes store for $2.99.