Trey Hensley guitar course at Big Tent Music

Trey Hensley, one of the most robust and dynamic guitarists on the bluegrass scene today, has joined his musical partner Rob Ikes at Big Music Tent with a new video instruction course for flatpickers who want to take the slop out of their playing.

Since he was in his teens, Trey has been known for his intricate guitar skills, on both rhythm and lead, as well as his prodigious vocal talents. In recent years he has been performing with the power duo, Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley, standing on stage next to the reso-guitar icon. This increased visibility led to him being nominated last year for the IBMA Guitarist of the Year award, and earned him a Grammy nomination as well.

Rob launched Big Music Tent in the fall of 2019 with Craig Spinney as a subscription service, with tons of material for students of the square neck resophonic slide guitar. He welcomes Hensley in on a site they now call Learn to Play with Rob and Trey!

Road Map to Playing Fast and Clean with Trey Hensley is now available for streaming purchase online. It covers a number of tips for improving the precision and speed of your guitar picking, like warm ups, cross picking exercises, right hand placement and technique, and a bunch of cool licks. Tablature for all the licks and exercises is included in the package.

Hensley explained a bit of the thinking behind his new course.

“Have you ever tried playing an uptempo tune on guitar, only to get frustrated that it sounds sloppy and not precise and clean? Do you ever struggle with tension and pain in your hands and arms when playing at higher tempos?

You’re definitely not alone. As guitar players, these are things we’ve all had to deal with. But there are a few simple tricks and techniques that can help you play faster and cleaner on the guitar, and get the sound you’ve always wanted.”

You can get a taste in this quick video tease.

Road Map to Playing Fast and Clean with Trey Hensley is available for $30 online.

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