Town Mountain to Pinecastle

Town MountainPinecastle Records has announced the newest band to be signed to the label. Town Mountain hails from Asheville, NC, but has been touring other areas of the country since 2005, when they won the band competition at the Rockygrass festival in Colorado.

The members of Town Mountain are: Phil Barker (mandolin, vocals), Robert Greer (guitar, vocals), Jesse Langlais (banjo, vocals), Bobby Britt(fiddle), and Jon Stickley (bass, vocals).

The label describes the band this way:

The band brings a unique energy to the label with their mix of mostly original material that creates a hard-driving, no nonsense, foot stomping bluegrass sound mixed with slow country crooning and a honkytonk edge. Town Mountain safely brings it all together in a way that has wowed not only their local Asheville, NC music scene but also crowds across the country…

Pinecastle recognizes that it takes more than just good playing and singing to make a good band. Accordingly, they call attention to the band’s songwriting.

Town Mountain has the capacity to bring fresh and exciting material to their high quality music. With topics ranging from love lost and heartache to the weariness of a midnight drive across America’s heartland to politically charged topics that most steer clear of. You will find that Town Mountain’s songwriting is heartfelt, sincere and honest.

Town Mountain: Steady OperatorTown Mountain’s first Pinecastle release is titled Steady Operator, and has an official street date of May 10, 2011.

Be sure to visit Town Mountain on Facebook as well. Check out the Band Profile page there, and you can listen to several tracks from previous recordings, as well as a brand new track, Sparkle City, from the upcoming Steady Operator.

For those interested in hearing Town Mountain live, the band has a fairly extensive tour schedule for the summer months, covering states from North Carolina to Idaho, and everything in between.