The New Music Business

A lot has been said recently about the business of music here on Bluegrass Today. We have covered the recent changes in copyright legislation surrounding internet broadcasting. We’ve also recently talked about the decline in sales of physical CDs in the overall music industry.

While this blog is mainly concerned with news about bluegrass music, we find these topics important ourselves, and feel that the state of the industry as a whole is important to our many readers who are involved with bluegrass music on a financial level. Ours is a small genre that does differ in many ways from the mainstream music industry, but ultimately we are still impacted by changes to the overall music business.

Like it or not the industry is changing. What exactly are those changes? How will they affect bluegrass music professionals? What about the fans? Will the changes be for the better, or worse? These are just some of the questions you may be asking yourself.

In an effort to answer these questions, I have undertaken the task of writing a series of articles discussing recent changes/trends in the music business, and giving some concrete ideas and examples of how bluegrass bands large and small can navigate these changes and take advantage of the opportunities they might provide.

I’m calling this series of articles The New Music Business and will begin each post title with NMB. I encourage you to share you thoughts, ideas, and questions in the comments section of each post as we go along. Let’s get started!