The first 3D bluegrass video?

Well…  it’s the first one I’ve heard about.

Brian Hilligoss, a Chicago-based artist and producer/director has decided to fight back against the way technology is squeezing out music in the entertainment world – by using the latest technology. When his partner obtained a prototype 3D camera from Panasonic for evaluation, the idea for this new project was born.

Hilligoss assembled a band from Chi-Town bluegrass pickers, and set out to produce a 3D video of Leave Your Heart at Home, a song by Randy Albright that is included on Brian’s These Boots CD.

“My buddy Fred Blurton at Fred Blurton Productions and I have worked together in the video and film biz for the last 13 years. He is actually the brains of the operation when it comes to 3D. For this project, I just focus on the ‘grass.’

The technology side of this story is very compelling for those who want to hear about it. What makes it unique is that we shot in stereoscopic 3D. It makes you feel like you are right next to mandolin player while you watch it. It’s as if they are standing right next to you and you are on stage with the musicians.

This camera from Panasonic that we got our hands on isn’t available on the market yet. The only way to shoot stereoscopic 3D had been with a West Coast two camera rig – we shot this with Panasonic’s 3D camcorder that has 2 lenses.”

Seen in the video with Brian are Larry Kohut on bass, Chris Walz on banjo, Keith Baumann on mandolin, Bill Hall on guitar, Rob Anderlick on reso guitar and Arielle Luckmann on fiddle.

Of course the question that springs immediately to mind is “where will we be able to see this in 3D?”

“We are planning a premiere here in Chicago and have some other things in the works to preview it at 3D theaters, but nothing solid yet as this is so new. The only place to really see 3D is at a theater, Best-Buy or your house – if you have a 3D TV. Market projections are that 2 million sets will be sold this year.

Direct TV has a 3D TV channel that just launched this month, and our goal is to create 3D content – primarily music for the web that will eventually be brought into your 3D TV.

As far as we know – the only two things shot for country music period in 3D have been something recent for Brad Paisley and then Kenny Chesney’s Summer movie. Then us!”

Bluegrass in 3D…  how cool is that?

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