The Cleverlys to Mountain Home

Mountain Home Music Company has announced that The Cleverlys will be bringing their unique brand of bluegrass comedy to the label. A series of single releases are planned throughout this summer and fall.

If you’ve never seen them live, it’s quite nearly impossible to describe The Cleverlys’ show. They create bluegrass style covers of pop music hits, and perform them in a highly theatrical and delightfully entertaining manner. Using jokes, zany characters, and a real knack for storytelling – on top of the pure insanity of the song arrangements – they quickly win over any audience to their crazy little world.

Digger Cleverly fronts the group, along with kinfolk Ricky Lloyd, Cub, Dale Vernon Dale, and Sock Cleverly on the various bluegrass instruments. It may look silly at first, but this is professional comedy worthy of a Vegas casino stage.

To get a taste, read this account the band provided regarding their contract with Mountain Home…

Family patriarch and front man, Digger Cleverly, tells the Fence Post, “We didn’t think this would be possible a year ago.” On June 22, 2016, Digger was driving a herd of alpacas into their summer range on his family’s ranch near Cane Spur, Arkansas. All was peaceful when a rogue herd of wild alpacas appeared out of nowhere, scattering the Cleverly’s domestic herd into the dense thicket. Digger was thrown from his alpaca, suffering a fractured thumb and bruised lower ego. He was forced to take a lengthy hiatus from touring and recording. After months of intense rehab and therapy from a team of professionals that specialize in alpaca mauling, Digger is in better shape than ever.

“As I was rehabbing, all I thought about was their gnashing teeth and soft wool. Their hooves felt like angry little pillows being thrust upon my body. Their lifeless, button eyes haunted me in my sleep. I decided that if I was granted another shot, I was going to do it right this time, and signing with Mountain Home is what I would call, doing it right!” Digger says.

And watch this video of them on Music City Roots doing their version of Beck’s Loser.

Can this be captured in the studio? We’ll find out soon enough!

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