The Baghdad Bad Boys

The Baghdad Bad BoysNo matter where you find yourself in the world, a bluegrass jam is sure to lift your spirits. We often take for granted the availability of jam sessions here in the US, while our overseas contemporaries are somewhat harder pressed to find a picking. Imagine the difficulty if you’re a soldier stationed in Iraq.

This morning a story came to my attention of a regular bluegrass jam at Camp Victory in Baghdad. A group of US soldiers calling themselves alternately The Baghdad Bad Boys, or The Stained-Glass Bluegrass, meet regularly in the camp chapel for bluegrass night.

The soldiers love this gathering because it relaxes the tensions of the work place, which for them might be a tad more tension than any of us are used to day in and day out! And in the words of Lt. Col. Greg Rawlings from Fort Bragg,

It keeps me from choking people during the week.

The Fayetteville Observer ran the story, and has even posted a YouTube clip of the soldiers jamming on Will The Circle Be Unbroken. Be sure to stop by the YouTube site and leave a comment encouraging these brave soldiers and letting them know we appreciate them.

  • Mandolinegirl50


    Great to see the Middle East Extension of the RDU Session Players Jamming! The Bass and all of the tuners and capos and strings from us finnally arrived I see. Think about you all jamming every Friday night no matter where we are. This Saturday we had the #12 countdown for your homecoming in Raleigh. I was told not to tell you that we had an unlimited supply of barbeque ribs and lots of other delicious food!

    It it’s quite amazing how that Little book of John Santa’s, “Bluegrass is My Second Language…” is reaching all the way over there through you and the “3 B’s!” Glad to see the girls joining in too! Drop us a line when you can. Lilly and I are very proud to know you!