The American Bluegrass Masters

The American Bluegrass Masters - tour flyerBobby Osborne and J.D. Crowe are hitting the road, together. The two legends are planning to tour as part of The American Bluegrass Masters concert tour. Organizers are stating this is the first time in 50 years that Crowe and Osborne have toured together. The tour is being promoted as featuring Living Legends & Next Generation Stars.

The Masters band for the tour consists of:

  • Bobby Osborne – mandolin
  • JD Crowe – banjo
  • Dean Osborne – banjo and guitar
  • Bobby Osborne Jr. – bass and guitar
  • Richard Bennett – guitar
  • Curtis Burch – resophonic/steel guitar
  • JP Mathes – banjo, guitar, bass

In addition to the Masters band, the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music Ensemble is on the tour as well. The ensemble consists of:

  • Obadiah (Obe) Golding – banjo
  • Andrew DeKemper – resophonic/steel guitar
  • Katherine Boguss – fiddle

No tour dates have been announced yet. Booking information is available at