Thank You Lord for Grace from Authentic Unlimited

The first single from Authentic Unlimited’s forthcoming gospel album with Billy Blue Records, another Jerry Cole original, has now officially released. 

Thank You Lord for Grace is the honest prayer of a believer. This song is the perfect reflection of the Christian walk: we are saved by nothing more and nothing less than the grace of God, and are nothing without Him. Because of our salvation by grace, we seek to live a life of service to the Lord, we seek to walk in His will, and to become more like Christ. The heart of a believer longs to follow the will of God, and desires to be used in his service.

Cole says that he and his bandmates are happy to get this new song out there.

“We are super excited to reveal the first single, Thank You Lord for Grace Today, from our next album, The Gospel Sessions Vol. 2.

As Christians, we have peace in knowing the Grace our Father gives. This song is a great reminder of that Grace.

All the guys in AU poured their hearts into the making of this recording. We hope that those who hear it may find the joy of our Lord Jesus!”

This message is clearly conveyed in the song’s powerful chorus; a message that is conveyed just as powerfully is the reality that we are only human. We will stumble, and we will fail, that’s simply life as fallen people in a fallen world. But salvation through Jesus gives us the power to overcome our fallen nature; it is the Holy Spirit in us that gives us the desire to be used for God’s purpose. Our prayer is that God will ready us to be able to withstand the darkness and temptation we will face in this world, and be bold lights for Him. 

The song features John Meador on the lead vocal, with Jerry Cole and Eli Johnston joining him on the chorus, with background vocals reminiscent of the old lining out and call-back styles. All the members are featured on their respective instruments: John Meador on guitar, Jerry Cole on bass, Eli Johnston on banjo, Jesse Brock on mandolin, and Stephen Burwell on fiddle.

Thank You Lord for Grace is available on all major streaming platforms, and to broadcasters on AirPlay Direct. 

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