Telluride – day two

Here is the second photo-report from Jason Lombard, on the ground at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

So everyday at Telluride starts with a sprint from the front gate, to the front of the stage, to stake out your spot for the day. It sounds simple enough, but to get pole position for said sprint one must endure about 24 hours of sitting in line. In fact, the next day’s line starts as soon as the line to get in ends, and the festivarians camp in line until the next morning’s sprint.

It is quite fascinating to say the least, and as the line grows throughout the day, it continues to stretch its way from town park and into the town of Telluride. Thousands of people camp out waiting for the festival to start. Rain, sleet, hail, you name it. Fortunately for those willing, this year the weather looks like it might be perfect. Not freezing cold at night (we are at 8750′ above sea level), not much rain during the day, and if you have a crew of folks to split the shifts, it seems manageable. Sort of.

Friday was another amazing Telluride day. The weather looked daunting and it rained a bit, but held off for the most part. The wind picked up for a moment and then laid down for the evening. The music stayed steady the entire time, however, and it truly was awesome. Telluride Bluegrass has a way of doing that.

What a day! I hope you enjoy my photos of the day 2, and will keep reading through the weekend.