Teddy Barneycastle to Turnberry Records, with new single

Teddy Barneycastle, the voice and the man behind the fascinating grassified rock cover band, Goodfellers, has signed with Turnberry Records. In tandem with the announcement, a debut single from Teddy’s upcoming solo album has also been made available.

Matthew’s Mansion is one that Teddy wrote with Marty Sands about the reality of homelessness in today’s world. Told as a waltz ballad, the song tries to show the humanity through an actual person the authors have known.

Barneycastle uses the notion of Christian charity to appeal to us as individuals, rather than as a society, to see homeless people as God’s children, and treat them as such.

Or as he puts it…

“Homelessness isn’t just a ‘big city’ problem anymore. It’s a problem in nearly every town in America. Chances are those that read this will probably pass by someone holding a cardboard sign today on a street corner. Regardless of how one views the homeless, that was somebody’s baby.

My hope is that Matthew’s Mansion will remind us all to love one another. Not every homeless person choses to be where they are. Often times it’s mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, loss of a job, or a bad home life. It can be a number of reasons, or a matter of life’s circumstances.

Either way, Jesus loves them just as He does those passing them by. Shouldn’t we?”

Teddy sings lead, with support from Pat Flynn on guitar, Jason Carter on fiddle, Kyser George on mandolin, and David George on bass.

It’s a lovely song, and Teddy is a skilled and evocative vocalist.

Check it out…

Matthew’s Mansion is available to radio programmers now at AirPlay Direct. It will be offered soon from popular download and streaming services.

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