• Young Uns – Brayden Williamson

    Watching the Grass Grow is a recent song written by the subject of this Young Uns feature, Brayden Williamson. In it he talks about the youth of bluegrass growing in the music, and how the pioneers of the music inspired them

  • Bluegrass Young Uns – Hadassah White

    Hadassah White is a diverse vocalist with a wide skill set. She performs bluegrass, country, traditional and contemporary Gospel, Broadway show tunes and even some opera. Some of her more popular songs include Coat of Many Colors and Wildflowers, both

  • Young Uns – Mackenzie Bell

    Being raised in Rosine, Kentucky, perhaps means one has a pre-ordained musical direction. Sometimes.  Certainly, 13-year-old traditional bluegrass and classic country fiddle player Mackenzie Bell is inspired by the great Bill Monroe.   She started playing in public when she was eight;

  • Young Uns #4 – Samantha Casey

    Samantha Casey’s dad plays the banjo, and both her parents sing. They taught her to sing harmony around the house as a little child. Her mother learned to clog in high school and played the banjo in college but gave

  • Young Uns #3 – The Zolla Boys

    The Lilly Brothers and, contemporaneously, the Gibson Brothers and the Spinney Brothers have shown that talented musicians who play and sing in the traditional mountain style with verve and intensity don’t have to come from the Blue Ridge mountains of