• Meet Wayward Vessel

    Wayward Vessel is a popular bluegrass/Americana group based in Portland, OR. They've just returned from a tour in support of their second CD, Before The Grey, during which they snagged the second place trophy at the Telluride band competition. To introduce themselves

  • More Telluride photos

    On Saturday morning, the town of Telluride had a haziness to it that could only mean that the smoke from the wildfires had penetrated the high peaks, and had somehow made it into the box canyon. Speculating or assuming that

  • First two days at Telluride

    As 4 wildfires ravage the state of Colorado, Telluride Bluegrass rolls into it's 39th year. You can see smoke from a nearby wildfire in the photo of the mainstage at sunset. This year's fest looks to be a hot one with