• Going Home from Crosspoint

    Rural Rhythm Records has released a debut single, Going Home, from the upcoming album from Crosspoint, We're Gonna Rise. Crosspoint is based in Cumberland Gap, TN and consists of Gary Kidwell on guitar, Steve Partin on mandolin, Alan Powers on banjo, Cleve

  • Ronnie Reno and Rural Rhythm

    When Rural Rhythm Records moved east to Nashville from California 2 years ago, one stated reason was to seek television and video opportunities for the label and its artists. Shortly after they arrived, company President Sam Passamano announced a deal

  • Steve Gulley and Rural Rhythm

    Steve Gulley and Sam Passamano, President of Rural Rhythm Records, have made it official. The popular bluegrass singer, songwriter, recording engineer and producer has signed a long-term deal with the Nashville-based label. It may almost seem like a formality, as Gulley

  • Rural Rhythm fun with YouTube quiz

    The folks at Rural Rhythm Records have dedicated the time for some serious YouTube programming, and created a fun online quiz to test your knowledge of their recent releases. Actually, this is a beta version of a more detailed version they

  • Rural Rhythm announces Rural Roots Digital

    Rural Rhythm Records is launching a new series of classic bluegrass reissues for online download which they are calling Rural Roots Digital. The first two re-releases include timeless albums from Red Smiley and The Bluegrass Cutups, and fiddler Curly Fox. When

  • Behind The Dream – Darrell Webb

    Rural Rhythm has begun releasing editions of their BlueHighways TV show, Behind The Dream, as online videos. The half hour program debuted last Fall, with Mike Scott serving as host. Each episode features a Rural Rhythm artist, combining one-on-one interviews with

  • God Didn’t Choose Sides

    Rural Rhythm is preparing a new all-star project for a February 12 release. God Didn't Choose Sides offers 13 tracks, each a new composition dealing with stories and characters from the US Civil War, picked and sung by a who's who of