• Rob Ickes and his Ickes model guitar

    Wechter Guitars has posted two new videos on YouTube, both of which show reso-master Rob Ickes test driving a new 6535R Wechter/Scheerhorn resonator guitar - the Rob Ickes signature model. The video was shot in a hotel room at last

  • Tim Graves: Prodigal Son

    Prodigal Son is the new release from Tim Graves & Cherokee. The CD takes its name from the fifth track on the disc, a tune penned by Daryl Mosley (who also wrote the liner notes). If you are a fan of

  • Resonance

    Resonance is a new bimonthly newsletter for resophonic (dobro) guitar players. The July-August issue was Volume 1 #1. Issue #2 will be mailing out soon and we wanted to tell you about it. Issue #1 featured Andy Hall, of The Infamous

  • Jerry Douglas shopping in NYC

    The current (8/20) edition of The New Yorker magazine includes, as a part of its weekly Talk Of The Town section at the front of the book, a piece on dobro megastar Jerry Douglas. Daniel Menaker accompanied Douglas on a shopping

  • AutoCAD Wechter resonator guitar design

    Wechter Guitars has posted several YouTube videos with Abe Wechter showing how he uses computer assisted design software in creating the Scheerhorn-licensed resonator guitars he produces. Anyone interested in how this software has been embraced by the instrument building world

  • ResoNation format updated

    We heard recently from Brad Harper, who maintains ResoNation.org, a web site dedicated to the needs and interests of resophonic guitarists. Brad has been running the site since 2004, primarily as a bulletin board forum, and now has nearly 3,000 registered

  • ResoSummit in Nashville 11/07

    Rob Ickes has announced a four day resophonic guitar summit in Nashville this fall. Billed as ResoSummit, it will include workshops and performances, and a hands-on experience is promised for all students. Instructors tapped to participate in addition to Rob are