• Sonny and Bobby, Together Again

    No matter how smoothly tonight’s awards show goes at the International Bluegrass Music Association’s World of Bluegrass, the finale is pretty much guaranteed to be rocky. On a night that organizers promise will have a number of noteworthy moments, the biggest

  • Benny Birchfield stabbed

    Benny Birchfield and Jean Shepard pose with a friend Benny Birchfield, the singer of the third part in the Osborne Brothers’ band during the late 1950s and early 1960s, and 79-year-old widower of the recently-deceased country music singer Jean Shepard, was

  • Dale Sledd passes

    Dale Sledd, guitarist and vocalist with The Osborne Brothers during their peak years, passed away on Sunday evening. He was 78 years of age. Sledd was with the band from 1966 through 1977, during which time he recorded hits like Roll

  • Command performance for Lance LeRoy

    Some of the top performers in bluegrass music got together this past weekend to offer a very special concert for Lance LeRoy. It was held at the home of his son, Lanny, in Mt. Juliet, TN where Lance and his

  • Bobby Osborne autobiography in the works

    A lingering void in the bluegrass library is set to be filled by music journalist Bill Conger, who is working with Bobby Osborne to complete an autobiography of his life in the music business. Only recently have book publishers begun to recognize the

  • Sandy Ridge School – bluegrass since 1948

    Those who grew up in rural areas know the importance that the local school played in the community. In many cases it had the only auditorium of any size, and would typically host civic meetings, entertainment offerings, and even political events for local

  • Nashville – The Osborne Brothers

    Although today, the Osborne Brothers are often recognized as symbols of traditional bluegrass, during much of their recording career, they were some of the most adventurous artists in the bluegrass world. They were using country instruments – electric bass, drums,