• Photos from Back 40 Bluegrass Festival

    This report from Back 40 Bluegrass is the first of what we hope will be many contributions from Bryan Dietz. Back 40 Bluegrass Festival occurs twice a year, Memorial Day Weekend and the first weekend in August. Hosted by the Turnbull family,

  • Justin Tomlin to Nothin’ Fancy

    Nothin' Fancy has announced a new member. Justin Tomlin has stepped in to play guitar, taking the spot vacated by original member Gary Farris who has left the group to pursue another opportunity. While still in high school, Justin and his brother

  • Nothin’ Fancy finds new home

    Popular Virginia group Nothin' Fancy was among the many recording acts left homeless when Pinecastle Records closed their doors a year ago. They are happy to announce today that they expect to shortly sign with the Virginia Dreams label, based

  • The littlest Nothin’ Fancy fan

    Tony Shorter, bass man with Nothin' Fancy, and Natalie Haney are the proud parents of a baby girl, Natasha Greenwood Haney Shorter. That's a big name for such a little girl! She was born on November 22 at 9:16 p.m. (EST),

  • Mmmm… toasty!

    Nothin' Fancy guitar player Gary Farris has moved into the exciting world of food service - not an unfamiliar side career for bluegrass musicians. But Gary won't be mopping floors or chopping onions. He and partner Jerry Ingram have teamed up

  • Nothin’ Fancy – Lord Bless This House

    Among the forthcoming releases from Pinecastle Records is a collection of a dozen Gospel songs from Nothin' Fancy. The Virginia band has seven previous albums, three of which have been released on the Pinecastle label. Lord Bless This House (PRC 1162)

  • Pinecastle springs CDs for early release

    We posted about ten days ago with release dates for four new projects due from Pinecastle Records in 2009. Not long after that, we heard from a reader who wondered why a title we had just indicated wouldn't be released until

  • Pinecastle Records new release schedule

    Pinecastle Records recently announced the upcoming release of four new projects during the first two months of 2009. Promos are being sent to radio this week, despite the lag of as much as three months between now and the actual street