• Undeniable – Nothin’ Fancy

    It’s one thing to be so technically proficient, you simply dazzle your audiences with ability and execution. In bluegrass realms, that’s an especially important additive. Yet it’s equally essential — perhaps even more so — to make an emotional impact

  • Kentucky Bound drops for Nothin’ Fancy

    Together now for 25 years, Virginia's Nothin' Fancy is preparing to release their 16th studio album. For a group that was thrown together to enter a band competition in 1994, that's quite a run! Mountain Fever Records has a debut single

  • Jacob Flick to Nothin’ Fancy

    Nothin' Fancy has officially announced their newest member, Jacob Flick, who has joined the band on banjo. He steps in for founding member, Mitchell Davis, who had been with the group since they launched in 1994 to enter a band

  • Thursday at 2018 Nothin’ Fancy Festival

    Nothin' Fancy at the Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival - photo © Bill Warren Thursday at the 2018 Nothin’ Fancy Festival was another warm one. But that didn’t slow down festival managers and hosts Robyn and Willie Wines. They each always have a

  • Papa Wants To Go Back from Nothin’ Fancy

    Mountain Fever Records has released a first single by Nothin' Fancy from their upcoming Time Changes Everything album. The track they've chosen dates back to 1980, when it was recorded by the legendary Lost and Found, another iconic Virginia band. Papa

  • Friday at Nothin’ Fancy 2017

    Little Roy & Lizzy at the 2017 Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival - photo © Bill Warren Friday was another beautiful day at the Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Festival. “Sweet Brenda” has handled the evening MC work, and Calvin (aka Him) has handled

  • 17th Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Festival in VA

    The 17th Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Festival kicked off with a great potluck supper. Anyone that left hungry did so willingly! Mike Andes, Christopher Sexton, and Caleb Cox of Nothin’ Fancy opened the evening with a stirring acapella version of the National