• Nickel Creek looks out for its fans

    These days stories of bad customer service are everywhere. I could tell a few of my own from right here in small town Virginia. Here's a story of bad customer service set strait by Nickel Creek. Nickel Creek hits the road

  • Nickel Creek spring tour dates

    The dates for Nickel Creek's spring 2007 tour are posted on the band's web site. They will be out from mid-April until mid-May, and again breifly in the fall, and will then suspend touring and recording together for the indefinite

  • Chris Thile solo performance available online

    Chris Thile has recorded a solo set for Reg's Coffee House, a show broadcast weekly from WRAX in Birmingham, AL, hosted and produced by Scott Register. He regularly includes live, in-studio performances, recorded especially for his show, and Chris was

  • Thile in The Washington Post

    The Washington Post had a short piece about Chris Thile's new CD, How To Grow A Woman From The Ground, in it's weekend edition. You can read it online here. It's only a couple paragraphs but it's great that Thile

  • Chris Thile – GrassCast Interview #45

    This episode of The GrassCast features an interview with mandolin master Chris Thile. We recorded this interview yesterday evening via the thilephone. Chris is on the road promoting his new CD, How To Grow A Woman From The Ground, and took

  • Nickel Creek shutting down in ’07

    Billboard Magazine is reporting that Nickel Creek will put the band into "an indefinite hiatus in late 2007." From the article on the Billboard site: "After seven years straight of touring and three records behind us, it's in our best interest to

  • Nickel Creek video online

    Nickel Creek fans can find video online of songs taken from recent live performances, posted on two different web sites. Three songs recorded at the Bonnaro Festival in June are available on the AT&T Blue Room site. Included are Scotch &

  • Nickel Creek videos on VH1

    Following up on the post about Sean Watkins' online CD release... VH1 has several Nickel Creek videos available online, including the two music video releases from their latest Sugar Hill release, Why Should The Fire Die, plus three songs from that

  • Nickel Creek, live in the studio

    Nickel Creek recently recorded a live show in the studios of WRAX in Birmingham, AL. The audio can be accessed online at Reg's Coffee House, a site run by Scott Register. Nickel Creek seems to be the closest thing to