Nickel Creek looks out for its fans

Nickel CreekThese days stories of bad customer service are everywhere. I could tell a few of my own from right here in small town Virginia. Here’s a story of bad customer service set strait by Nickel Creek.

Nickel Creek hits the road next month on their much anticipated farewell tour. The tickets are hot commodities for fans that are eager for one last chance to see them in concert. The Washington Post reported Tuesday about a fan that had purchased tickets online through Ticketmaster, only to be told later that Ticketmaster wasn’t authorized to sell the seats she had purchased. The venue offered her alternative seating in a much less ideal position. She was, of course, upset by this turn of events and rightly upset that neither entity would take responsibility and make things right. She also found tickets, in the section she had originally purchased, for sale online at inflated prices. Yet neither the venue or Ticketmaster offered to buy those tickets for her after they messed up.

That was the story on Tuesday. On Thursday the paper ran a follow up to the story. In Thursday’s follow up, the story develops that Nickel Creek learned of the injustice and swooped in to save the day. The band replaced the fan’s tickets with three seats front and center, demonstrating that at least they understand customer service.

I’m glad to see Nickel Creek delivering a quality of customer service that is commendable. You don’t see that everyday in America, at least not anymore.