• Bluegrass: An Irish Perspective

    This piece is a contribution from Niall Toner, a songwriter, mandolinist, and bandleader who lives in the Blackstairs Mountains in County Carlow. Niall will be recording a new album for Pinecastle Records in Nashville in May and touring the US. I believe it's

  • Where the Greengrass meets the Bluegrass

    The Carter Brothers never rest... or so it would seem. Fresh off the release of their The Road To Roosky album on Compass, the boys have already tracked another project, again with an Irish/American vibe. Tim Carter, the banjo-playing half of the team

  • Tomorrow from Niall Toner

    Pinecastle has dropped a debut single from Niall Toner's upcoming CD, which should be available by the time that Toner makes the trek from his native Ireland to the US for IBMA in the Fall. Niall tells us that that the

  • Niall Toner to Pinecastle

    Irish bluegrass singer and songwriter Niall Toner has signed with Pinecastle Records, with a new project set to coincide with Toner's US tour in the Fall of 2012. Niall made quite a bit of noise with his single, William Smith Monroe,

  • Niall Toner and Airplay Direct

    Airplay Direct had recently announced an expansion into the international market for their popular and successful radio delivery service. The company now services 6,700 stations worldwide in more than 100 countries, with close to 30,000 artist and record label members

  • Niall Toner on William Smith Monroe

    Irish singer/songwriter Niall Toner has posted a video essay which traces his life-long love for bluegrass music, his experiences with Bill Monroe in Ireland over the years, and the inspiration and songcraft that went into his new single, William Smith

  • William Smith Monroe from Niall Toner

    Bill Monroe's music has obviously had a profound impact on players and followers of bluegrass and related acoustic music around the world. It started out in the southeastern US on "hillbilly" radio, and grew to include an ever larger audience

  • Keith Sewell – The Way Of A Wanderer

    It's not likely that anyone would challenge the talent of Keith Sewell. As a picker and singer, he's worked with Ricky Skaggs, James Taylor, Sam Bush, Marty Stuart, Jerry Douglas and The Dixie Chicks. His songs have been cut by Skaggs,

  • Niall Toner Band – NTB3

    Niall Toner has sent along a copy of his latest CD with his band, NTB3, their 3rd CD of Toner's original music. Whereas prior releases have featured the Irish singer/songwriter in a bluegrass band setting, this new project is closer to