• Tony Mowell to NewTown

    NewTown has announced Tony Mowell as their new bass player, just in time for the start of their 2014 touring season. With a strong new record, Time Machine, and a good bit of momentum from last year, the band has every

  • Final day at the 2014 Roscoe Canady fest

    The final day of the 2014 Roscoe Canady Memorial Festival provided more fine entertainment. The show kicked off with a Florida band, Swinging Bridge. They were followed by Travers Chandler and Avery County. Newtown debuted their newest member – 8 week

  • Friday at the Roscoe Canady fest

    Friday started out with a fishing tournament in the campground pond. One fisherman caught two bass and a catfish. Our emcee this weekend is Jo Odom. The music started in the afternoon with the Palmetto Ramblers from Florida. They were followed by the

  • Terry Poirier moves on from Newtown

    Though Jr. Williams and Kati Penn-Williams of Newtown may not have scored the first baby born in 2014, they do have the distinction of making the first major personnel announcement of the new year. Jr. informs us today that their long time bass player, Terry

  • Time Machine – NewTown

    Over the years, Lexington, KY has served as home to a number of talented bluegrass musicians, perhaps most notably J.D. Crowe and, in the 1970s, the now-famous early incarnations of the New South that headlined at Lexington's Red Slipper Lounge.

  • Time Machine from Newtown

    Time Machine, the next album from Newtown, is due to hit on November 5. It will be their first project for Pisgah Ridge, a Crossroads affiliate designed for up-and-coming bluegrass acts ready to move up to the next level. Though they

  • NewTown using pre-sale to help fund next CD

    As NewTown prepares to start work on their first album for Crossroad Music's Pisgah Ridge label, the band is taking a slightly different approach with the now-familiar crowd sourcing formula to ask fans to help with recording costs. Pisgah Ridge is

  • Newtown to Moore Bass

    Newtown has recently brought on Moore Bass Entertainment to help represent them for live appearances. The company is managed by Jason Moore, bass player with Mountain Heart, hence the name. Newtown banjo picker Jr. Williams says that they are eager to take

  • Newtown to Pisgah Ridge

    Kentucky-based Newtown has just signed with Crossroads Music's Pisgah Ridge Records. The band, formerly billed as Kati Penn & Newtown, features Kati Penn-Williams on fiddle, along with her husband Jr. Williams on banjo, Terry Poirier on bass, C.J. Cain on