• IBMA 2009: Mountain Heart

    Here's the video we've been telling you about from the Mountain Heart showcase the other night. Like John said, they're intentionally showcasing what they're doing that isn't straight up bluegrass. What do you think? http://media.libsyn.com/media/thegrasscast/mountain_heart.flv

  • A few more Tuesday night reflections

    I wanted to add a few impressions to what Brance posted earlier... Mountain Heart: I thought that their showcase was brilliant, and was very interested to see how they would approach this "going over to the other side" vibe. When the

  • Tuesday night photos

    Here is a gallery of photos from last night's (9/29) IBMA festivities. We are very fortunate this year to have Dean Hoffmeyer shooting for us during World Of Bluegrass. He is a Pulitzer-nominated photographer with The Richmond Times Dispatch, and his

  • IBMA: Tuesday night

    Just a quick update to say there is a ton of great bluegrass music being played this year. I saw three bands last night, all excellent. First, John and I were able to catch a Mountain Heart show. The band performed

  • Big doin's at IBMA

    There are a number of big events we are looking forward to attending at IBMA this week, outside of the wealth of activity on the official schedule. We have video interviews set up with Del McCoury and Sam Bush to talk

  • Terry Baucom ready to mash

    Terry Baucom has announced that he will be leaving Dale Ann Bradley's band to focus on a number of other performing opportunities for 2010. He will continue to play banjo on the Mountain Heart with Tony Rice shows, and will also

  • Mountain Heart does Stonehenge

    Mountain Heart is in England this weekend, where they performed at the Didmarton Festival in Gloucestershire. Before the fest, however, the boys were able to get in a bit of sightseeing, and sent along these photos from Stonehenge. Bass man Jason

  • Now Mountain Heart!

    First Special Consensus and then NewFound Road were left by the side of the highway. Now we learn that Mountain Heart had to find alternative transportation to Greyfox yesterday after their bus let them down on the ride from the

  • Mountain Heart at Mohegan Sun

    The Mohegan Sun is a gaming and resort facility in southeastern Connecticut. Just north of New London, run by the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut, it makes for a convenient playground for folks in Boston, Providence and New York City. Their entertainment

  • Tony Rice in North Carolina

    Josh Shilling shot some video onstage during Mountain Heart's show with Tony Rice and Terry Baucom on Friday night in Morganton, NC. Josh snuck up on Tony while he was playing the extended intro to Manzanita, and shot through the whole