• LocalGrass – Bluegrass on Broad

    Sitting here in my Tennessee home tonight, with an ice storm having passed through the area today and being on our 3rd consecutive week of snow events that included “Thunder Snow” last week, the mind wanders to happier times when

  • The White Water Bluegrass Company

    Each month, the LocalGrass Radio Show tries to bring the show's varied audience of listeners information about a new local band. Sometimes we meet the band in person and arrange for an interview on the show, and sometimes the interview

  • LocalGrass: Susan Brown & Friends

    Among the many treasures to be found in the Commonwealth of Virginia, the state’s diversity is a definite asset. To a visitor from another part of the world, one might find it difficult to believe that the heavily populated areas

  • LocalGrass – Bellamy Hardware

    If you’ve ever visited the small town of Surgoinsville, Tennessee and traveled down Main Street, you probably didn’t pay much attention to the modest old building that sits next door to the Surgoinsville Police Dept. If you’re a true fan

  • LocalGrass – Duty Free

    When you hear the phrase “Duty Free,” what comes to mind? If you’re like most, an exempt purchase is one of the first things. In Bristol Tennessee, you think of Hal Boyd and the talented group of guys that make

  • LocalGrass: Feed & Seed

    One of the most satisfying things about doing a radio show like LocalGrass Radio is the ability to introduce the world to great local bands and performers that would otherwise go unheard outside their geographic region. Sometimes the star of

  • LocalGrass: Fairview Avenue

    If you're from New York City, someone from 'upstate New York' is basically like someone from 'anywhere else.'  If you're a bluegrass band from 'Upstate New York,' you're not like anybody, from anywhere else. Altamont, NY-based Fairview Avenue is a testament

  • LocalGrass – The Moore Brothers

    This is the debut installment of LocalGrass, a new feature on Bluegrass Today. LocalGrass will twice-monthly provide information about bands and artists who are working primarily on a local or regional basis. We hope to be able to provide an early look at