• Congratulations Josh and Aleah Shilling

    Josh Shilling, vocalist with Mountain Heart, and his longtime sweetheart, Aleah Dillon, were married on December 1. Aleah is a web developer near Nashville. The pair have been together for 10 years, and met in the Roanoke, VA area before moving

  • Jim VanCleve suffering from Dengue Fever

    Jim VanCleve, Mountain Heart fiddler and one of the busiest session players and producers in Nashville, is hospitalized today for a blood transfusion after contracting Dengue Fever during a visit St. Croix last week. The disease is spread by mosquito bites, and fortunately

  • The Christmas Song from Josh Shilling

    Josh Shilling, Mountain Heart's bluesy lead singer, has released a Christmas single. It's his pared-down version of the  perennial Mel Torme classic, The Christmas Song. With just Josh's voice and his piano, this track recalls how Shilling plied his trade prior

  • Big bluegrass night in Nashville

    Tonight (8/22) finds two venues in Music City offering special bluegrass shows. One will be available to anyone with an internet connection, while the other will be limited to folks lucky enough to be in town. At 7:00 p.m. (CDT), Music

  • Death & Taxes takes Vox Pop Poll award

    Canadian bluegrass/Americana trio Tiller's Folly have picked up a prestigious award in the 11th annual Independent Music Awards Vox Pop Poll. Their song, Death & Taxes, placed first in the Social Cause category, with online votes tallied from more than 60,000

  • Josh Shilling Letting Go video

    We've written before about Letting Go, the debut solo project from Mountain Heart vocalist Josh Shilling. And as Josh has mentioned in previous posts, this isn't a bluegrass record, though it does feature contributions from notable grassers like Shilling's bandmate Aaron

  • You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

    This post is a contribution from Mountain Heart lead vocalist Josh Shilling. He describes how the band went from what was expected to be an uneventful bus ride to Grey Fox this week, to events that turned them and their

  • Josh Shilling – Letting Go

    Mountain Heart lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Josh Shilling has released his debut solo effort, Letting Go, a self-produced 6-song, EP CD. Shilling readily admits that this isn't a bluegrass record, but more of a singer/songwriter album showcasing his bluesy roots. Prior

  • Hey, It’s A Beautiful Day – Tasha Turner

    One of the great things about World of Bluegrass each year is the opportunity to meet folks you might never encounter elsewhere. And that is exactly how I made the acquaintance of Tasha Turner, a young bluegrass Gospel singer/songwriter from Arkansas. She

  • Josh Shilling solo CD update

    We just heard from Mountain Heart's bluesy front man, Josh Shilling, with an update on the solo project he's been working on for the past several months. Josh spoke with us about this about this during the summer, but says that