• Saga Music and manufacturing in China

    If you've taken a look at student model and mid-range musical instruments of late, chances are you have seen some of the many instruments distributed by Saga Music. Their brands include the Kentucky, Rover and Trinity College mandolins, Blue Ridge and

  • Colorado Case and Case Logic join forces

    Two Colorado companies who are leaders in their respective fields will soon be working together to produce a new line of musical instrument cases. Colorado Case Company of Ft. Collins is a familiar name to musicians in all genres, bluegrass included.

  • Crowd Funding – will it work for bluegrass?

    The Spring 2008 issue of Berklee Today, the official alumni publication of the Berklee College Of Music, has an interesting article on Crowd Funding. It was written by Peter Spellman, director of Berklee's Career Development Center, who has written a

  • Hay Holler news

    Recently we reported news of the link up between Mountain Roads Recordings and Big Country Bluegrass. Although bands changing labels is nothing new, some may have wondered about the Big Country Bluegrass arrangement with Hay Holler Records. Well, when talking

  • Labels wary of Sirius/XM merger?

    A great many bluegrass fans have embraced satellite radio. In addition to each having nearly 200 channels offering a wide variety of news, music and sports, both XM and Sirius have 24/7 bluegrass music channels produced in house. With the US

  • Bluegrass labels – promotion and new acts

    Here is the final installment in our interview series with four of the folks who run prominent bluegrass-oriented record labels. Previous posts have discussed how these labels' sales in 2007 compared with the dire trends in the wider record business,

  • Future of the bluegrass CD?

    In this installment of our interview series with bluegrass label heads, we'll look at how they see the distribution model for bluegrass changing in the near term. As before, we spoke with Dave Freeman of Rebel Records, Ken Irwin of

  • No deal – Gibson calls off merger

    The proposed merger between Gibson Guitar and TC Group which was announced in January '08 has been shelved. The two companies issued a joint press release late last week. Gibson Guitar, the world's premier musical instrument manufacturer and leader in music technology

  • 2007 bluegrass music sales

    This is the first post in a series we will run this week reporting on how the sales of recorded bluegrass music in 2007 compared with the trends in the wider music industry. We won't be analyzing sales data directly,