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Kerry HayRecently we reported news of the link up between Mountain Roads Recordings and Big Country Bluegrass. Although bands changing labels is nothing new, some may have wondered about the Big Country Bluegrass arrangement with Hay Holler Records.

Well, when talking to Gail Cooler, she added weight to the open ‘secret’ that Kerry Hay was retiring by saying that his decision led directly to the formation of Mountain Roads Recording and their agreement with Big Country Bluegrass.

So, I spoke to Kerry and this is what he had to say, insisting that he wasn’t retiring ‚Ķ‚Ķ.

“I, and Hay Holler, are in fact ‘winding down.’ I have no firm plans to do any more recording, but if the right band came along, and would be interested in recording with Hay Holler, I would do it. I realize this is a very unlikely scenario, as any band within their senses would want to associate with an aggressive label. As I said in the previous email message, I will keep Hay Holler, Inc. an ongoing, viable operation, for the purpose of maintaining inventory for our artists who continue to tour.”

Hay Holler Records was formed in 1989, with their first recordings released in 1990, following a collaboration with banjoist Butch Robins [Blue Grass Boys and bass player with New Grass Revival]. The label is noted for releasing what Hay describes as “real bluegrass, hard-core traditional mountain-style bluegrass that sounds as lonesome as a Whippoorwill.”

A representative listing of artists that have recordings released by Hay Holler includes Herschel Sizemore, 5 For The Gospel, Big Country Bluegrass, The Bluegrass Brothers, Cedar Hill, The Gibson Brothers, The Gillis Brothers, The Goins Brothers, Sand Mountain and Wayne Henderson.

For more about Kerry Hay and Hay Holler Records listen to his GrassCast interview from December 2005.

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