• Darren Beachley exits HeartTown

    Darren Beachley has announced today that he is leaving the band he recently help form, HeartTown. In this brief note, he describes his reasons. I have officially left the band HeartTown. The decsion was based upon a few things. With the current

  • Greg Luck to HeartTown

    HeartTown, the new group emerging from the Beachley & Scott Band, minus Barry Scott, has announced that Greg Luck will be joining the band on fiddle and vocals. Like the other four members (Darren Beachley, Jason Leek, Shayne Bartley, Tim

  • The debut of HeartTown

    We just heard from Jason Leek, bass player with the Beachley & Scott Band, with an announcement about a major change in their group. "The Beachley and Scott Band could not have had a more successful debut year! We’ve been very