• Live Hackensaw Boys LP for European tour

    Virginia's Hackensaw Boys have pressed limited quantities of a live album recorded in January for sale during their brief European tour this week. Entitled Live 'Till The Sweet By And By, the LP-only release features the rough and rowdy, roots and bluegrass

  • Bluegrass on Blue Plate Special

    Blue Plate Special, the long-running noontime radio show on WDVX has a big dose of bluegrass on the program this week. Today's show (9/3) features Gold Heart a terrific young family bluegrass group from northern Virginia. The band is made up

  • Look Out for Hackensaw Boys June 19

    The Hackensaw Boys have been sneaking around the edges of several acoustic/Americana genres since their formation in Charlottesville, VA seven years ago. Their sound is raw and raucous, frenetic and unfocused, and bursting with energy and passion. It's part jug