• Phil Leadbetter – GrassCast #55

    Listen now: (IE users click to activate) This week on The GrassCast our guest if award winning dobro player Phil Leadbetter. Phil has been in the news lately because of the formation of a new band of which he's a

  • Jason Davis to Grasstowne

    Brance and I recorded interviews today with Phil Leadbetter and Alan Bibey, where they each discussed their new band venture with Steve Gulley, Grasstowne. We'll release the interview with Phil as a GrassCast later this week, and Alan's the following. One

  • Grasstowne it is!

    Yesterday there seemed to be some confusion over the choice of a name for the new band consisting of Alan Bibey, Steve Gulley and Phil Leadbetter. We originally reported the band name as being Grasstowne and then later corrected that to

  • Alan Bibey and “the new band”

    UPDATE 12/2/2006: Turns out the "new band" will be called Grasstowne after all. I had a chance to speak with Alan Bibey yesterday about his decision to leave BlueRidge and embark on the Grasstowne "new band" adventure with Steve Gulley and