Grasstowne it is!

Yesterday there seemed to be some confusion over the choice of a name for the new band consisting of Alan Bibey, Steve Gulley and Phil Leadbetter.

We originally reported the band name as being Grasstowne and then later corrected that to say a decision on the name had not yet been made. That update was incorrect. The name is, in fact, Grasstowne.

It seems the band members were in agreement on the name all along, but there was some miscommunication between the band and their publicist. Our update was based on a request from the publicist to remove the name from our report, as it was her understanding that it was incorrect.

We now have confirmation from the band that Grasstowne is indeed the name they have chosen. We encourage you to keep an eye, or an ear, on this group as we expect they’ll be making some great music in the near future.