• Gibson to merge with TC Group

    The Tennessean, Nashville's hometown paper, ran a story yesterday (1/18) that Gibson Guitar Corp. will merge with TC Group, a Danish pro audio firm. The merger was announced at the NAMM Winter Show in California, and according to The Tennessean, the

  • Led Zep and the G’Earls

    Gibson has published an interview on their web site with Kristin Andreassen of Uncle Earl. The article largely centers on their having worked with former Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, who produced their latest CD, Waterloo, Tennessee. How did you guys

  • Scruggs videos at Gibson.com

    There are six short videos up on Gibson's web site that feature banjo legend Earl Scruggs discussing his life and career in bluegrass and acoustic music. It seems that they were all recorded earlier this year. Each of the links below

  • Powertune: Self-tuning Guitars?

    I've heard old-school musicians bemoan the use of electronic tuners. They feel a person should train their ear to hear the pitches and tune that way. Electronic tuning devices have become a part of the fabric of playing a stringed

  • Free Sierra Hull MP3 from Gibson

    Gibson has a page on their web site dedicated to several modern bluegrass artists who are having an impact on the music. As it happens, they all play Gibson mandolins. What a coincidence! The artists featured are The Infamous Stringdusters, Cherryholmes,

  • Win a Sam Bush mandolin

    Gibson and Sam Bush are offering a chance to win a new Sam Bush signature model mandolin, valued at nearly $10,000. Additional prizes for the winner include 10 sets of Gibson Sam Bush mandolin strings, and an autographed copy of

  • Gibson acquires Garrison Guitars

    Gibson has announced their acquisition this week of Garrison Guitars of St. John's Newfoundland, in Canada. Garrison was started by Chris Griffiths in 1999, using a new bracing system he had developed, and dubbed the Griffiths Active Bracing System. This system

  • Instrument Makers Saving Trees

    The New York Times ran an article yesterday about guitar makers C.F. Martin, Taylor, Fender and Gibson joining forces with environmental activist group Greenpeace in an effort to save tree species vital to their trade. One wood the article focuses on

  • Al Roker Lends A Hand to a Nashville music school

    This last Thursday morning weatherman Al Roker of the Today Show was in Nashville for the Lend A Hand Today program he has been involved with for the last six years. The charity benefiting was the W.O. Smith/Nashville Community Music School.

  • Dixie Bee-Liners at Gibson.com

    The Dixie Bee-Liners have a nice feature up on Gibson's web site. It gives an overview of the band - and their story of meeting and starting a bluegrass band in New York, and then moving to Virginia - along