• Gibson fires back at the Feds

    Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz responded last night to Monday's news of a settlement between his company and the US Department of Justice, involving a cash settlement and suspension of prosecution. In two separate incidents, federal agents have raided Gibson facilities, confiscating

  • Gibson backs down on exotic woods

    Though it does not apply to the acoustic instrument division, many bluegrass players have been following the case of Gibson Guitars and their investigation by the US government over charges of illegally importing woods for use in building guitars. In the

  • Gibson raid followup

    Reason magazine has put together a video followup to the legal controversy that arose last summer when a pair of federal agencies raided the Gibson Guitar company in Nashville. Large stocks of valuable wood were seized by armed agents, along

  • Gibson taking it to the Feds

    The Tennessean had a story over the weekend indicating that Gibson Guitar is taking its ongoing battle with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Federal Court. Twice in the past two years, armed agents have raided the Gibson facilities in Nashville

  • Gibson vs. DOJ

    For the second time in 2 years, the Feds have come down on Gibson Guitar for suspicion of having illegally imported native hardwoods from outside the United States. This Wednesday (8/25) agents from the Fish and Wildlife Service and Immigration and

  • Spann’s Guide To Gibson 1902-1941

    Next month will see the publication of a new book sure to be of interest to those interested in vintage Gibson instruments: Spann's Guide To Gibson 1902-1941. The 296 page book is a guide to Gibson guitars, mandolins, and banjos manufactured

  • Gibson OAI Recovering from Flooding

    This post is a contribution from Mike Reed, one of our 2010 IBMA correspondents. See his profile here. I had an opportunity to catch David Harvey (head of the Mandolin, Banjo and Resonator side of the Gibson Company in Nashville) in

  • Free guitar tuner app from Gibson

    Gibson Guitars has released a free iPhone app that, while visually targeted at electric guitarists, contains a number of valuable features for any six stringer. Called appropriately enough, The Gibson Guitar App, it features a number of different tuners. There is

  • Gryphon founder interviewed in Collectors Weekly

    Richard Johnston, co-founder of the venerable Gryphon Stringed Instruments in Palo Alto, CA, was recently interviewed by The Collectors Weekly web site. Johnston has earned a reputation as a luthier, and particularly as an historian and appraiser of vintage acoustic instruments.