• Herschel Sizemore: Mandolin In B

    Regular readers will recall our earlier coverage of mandolin icon Herschel Sizemore and his recent bout with cancer. Both he and his wife Joyce received cancer diagnoses the same day in October 2011, his in the tonsil and hers in

  • Eli Johnston to Quicksilver

    We got a note from Doyle Lawson this morning with some further news about his touring band, Quicksilver. “After about 4 years of playing guitar and then switching to bass, Corey Hensley has left the band to pursue other interests. Corey

  • Corey Hensley exits Quicksilver

    It looks like it's time for another personnel change in Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. Corey Hensley has played his final show with the band, so we can expect an announcement from Doyle about a new bass player in the near future.

  • Wide Open Bluegrass takes to the streets

    Perhaps the biggest change for World of Bluegrass in Raleigh for 2013 is the city's scheduling of a major downtown street fair to coincide with the weekend Wide Open Bluegras Festival during IBMA week. Wide Open Bluegrass is a ticketed event,

  • Doyle’s blooper reel

    While working in the studio on their Classic History album, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver had the cameras rolling to capture footage for a promo video for Doyle's new Family of Friends fan club. The CD, only available to Family of