• Deering introduces Vega Vintage Star banjo

    Deering Banjos has introduced a new model under the Vega name, a professional grade open back banjo called the Vintage Star. Vega once made some of the most highly desirable banjos in the world, five string, plectrum, and tenor models, first

  • Deering purchases ProPik brand

    Deering Banjo Company in Spring Valley, CA has completed the purchase of the ProPik fingerpick brand from Mapson Engineering in Santa Clara. The various finger and thumb pick items under this brand will now be manufactured in Deering's facility. ProPik has

  • Jamie Deering takes over at Deering Banjos

    Jamie Deering, daughter of founders Greg and Janet Deering, has been announced as the new CEO of Deering Banjos. The company, located in Spring Valley, CA, is the largest manufacturer of banjos in the United States, starting out as a small

  • Deering introduces Goodtime Blackgrass

    Deering Banjos has introduced a new model, the latest in their growing line of Goodtime banjos. The Goodtimes were specially designed some years ago to allow the company to offer an American-made student instrument at a price attractive to new pickers.

  • Deering introduces Rustic Wreath banjo

    Deering has introduced a new model in its Golden Series line called the Rustic Wreath, designed to capture some of the vintage appeal of older instruments in an economy-minded banjo. All of their Golden Series banjos are styled like the old

  • Deering adds three new banjo string sets

    Deering Banjo Company has added three new gauges to its offerings for banjo players, along with redesigned packaging for the entire line. This brings the total to seven different sets for five string banjoists, plus one for six string, two

  • Stolen instrument alert…

    The folks at Deering Banjo Company have asked the bluegrass community to keep an eye out for three Deering banjos that were stolen while the Deerings were in Minneapolis, MN. They had just finished presenting some workshops to dealers in