• Bluegrass on the Grass 2016

    Once again, Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania has hosted their free festival, Bluegrass on the Grass on campus. It's an event for the local community, as most students are gone now for summer vacation, but faculty and staff also often

  • Coaltown Rounders – hand made music

    When posting recently about the upcoming CD project from Coal Town Rounders, we mentioned that the limited run of manufactured discs would be packaged in a custom letterpress cover, lovingly hand-cranked and assembled by members of the band. And if you don't believe

  • Numero Uno from Coal Town Rounders

    From Scranton, Pennsylvania comes a traditional bluegrass band that call themselves Coal Town Rounders. They refer to their scrappy, minimalist sound as Blacklung Bluegrass. Numero Uno is the clever title of their debut album, released earlier this month. It's a seven track