• Chris Thile in Fretboard Journal

    The Summer 2008 issue of The Fretboard Journal is set to be mailed to subscribers next week, with a cover feature on Chris Thile. The piece is an interview, conducted by fellow mandolin trailblazer David Grisman, who graced the cover

  • Thile: bluegrass is doing fine

    Chris Thile has found himself frequently tagged as something of a controversialist in bluegrass circles. As a teen, he was welcomed with open arms by the bluegrass world, who also cherished his role in the early work of Nickel Creek.

  • Punch Brothers video at FolkAlley.com

    Video from a Punch Brothers Concert for Folk Alley has been posted online. The show was recorded on April 2 in Kent, OH and both sets of music can be viewed at FolkAlley.com The concert contains a complete performance of The

  • Punch Brothers at berklee.edu

    Our friend Dave Hollender gave us a nice report last month after Chris Thile and Punch Brothers offered a clinic at the Berklee College of Music in Boston on April 7. Dave shared some photos and a nice run down

  • 10 Things You May Not Know About Punch

    That's the title of a clever and revealing post published yesterday on the Punch Brothers blog. The concept is a "fun facts" sort of thing, providing both musical and personal insights that relate to their recent CD, Punch, and its

  • Punch Brothers at Berklee

    This post (and photos) is a contribution from David Hollender, Professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Dave has been a member of the ensemble department for several years, and teaching upright bass. He also teaches banjo for

  • Punch Brothers on World Cafe

    Fans of Punch Brothers, Chris Thile's newest venture, will have a chance to catch them today (3/11) on World Cafe, broadcast on NPR stations throughout the US. The show is hosted by David Dye and originates from WXPN at The

  • Punch Brothers on All Things Considered

    Our friend Craig Havighurst has gotten in on the media frenzy surrounding the Chris Thile's new band, Punch Brothers. Craig put together a story about the new band, and the new music for National Public Radio's All Things Considered. The story