10 Things You May Not Know About Punch

Punch Brothers - PunchThat’s the title of a clever and revealing post published yesterday on the Punch Brothers blog.

The concept is a “fun facts” sort of thing, providing both musical and personal insights that relate to their recent CD, Punch, and its centerpiece, the lengthy, four movement Chris Thile composition, The Blind Leaving The Blind.

2. The lyrics from Part One of The Blind Leaving the Blind’s first movement come not from the perspective of the story’s main character, but rather from its main character’s departing love interest.

5. During rehearsals, the 2/5 of Punch Brothers who play fret-less instruments repeatedly stated that they would prefer for the C# sections of the third movement to be notated in Db, but they were unable to get that through the thick skull of the 1/5 responsible.

9. At first, the chorale-ish section at the end of Nothing, Then (now instrumental tremelo [sic] and pizzicato) was sung, before the band realized that they didn’t really know how to sing chorale-ish sections.

Inside baseball, to be sure, and only likely to appeal to folks who have followed this band closely – like me. If you are one too, the rest may strike your fancy as well.

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