• Butch Baldassari: Music of O’Carolan

    Mandolinist Butch Baldassari has partnered with guitarist John Mock to release a CD of Irish harp music. The CD is composed entirely of tunes written by Irish harpist Turlough O'Carolan who lived from 1670-1737. The CD is appropriately titled

  • Butch Baldassari Mandolin Workshops

    Butch Baldassari sent along a note to let let people know about a mandolin workshop he's holding November 11, 2006 in the Nashville area. There will be workshops for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. The workshops will be held at

  • New Little House CD available

    It's a fair bet that many of our US readers were, at one point in their life, readers of the popular children's books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. If not, odds are that they watched episodes of the equally popular television

  • Online Instructional Video

    From time to time we have discussed various ventures that involved online video instruction for bluegrass music. The idea has a great deal of appeal to bluegrass instructors, and some are actively involved in providing such instruction. Three that come

  • The Bluegrass College – online

    We"ve previously told you about a new online instructional resource, The Bluegrass College. (here and here) Two of the sites founders, Brian Wicklund and Ian Nicholls, recently wrote us to give us some background information on the site and how it

  • Cape Cod Mandolin Camp

    The New England Mandolin Ensemble will be holding their second annual Cape Cod Mandolin Camp this fall in East Sandwich, MA. The camp runs from September 29 through October 1, 2006. Bringing a wide range of styles to mandolin playing

  • SoundArt Recordings: Videos

    Mandolinist Butch Baldassari, who has recently begun offering webcasting video lessons, has just made available 5 video lessons on his website. Four of the five tunes are found in his book/CD 30 Fiddle Tunes for the Mandolin. The book is

  • Appalachian Mandolin and Dulcimer

    Mandolinist Butch Baldassari and dulcimer legend David Schnaufer have just released a new cd of duets showcasing traditional music of the Appalachian Mountains. Appalachian Mandolin and Dulcimer contains 14 songs that Baldassari and Schnaufer perform on a variety of mandolin