Butch Baldassari: Real time video mandolin lessons

Butch BaldassariMandolin teacher and performer Butch Baldassari, has written in to let us know that he is now offering live online video lessons. The technology he’s using is Skype. Skype allows you to make video calls to other Skype users provided you have a webcam installed. You’ll need audio input and output as well. Butch is recommending the use of a headset of some kind to prevent audio loops from forming.

What material is Butch offering instruction for through Skype?

I’m willing to teach whatever you’re interested in learning….Bluegrass, Fiddle Tunes,Classical etc. I can go over materials that are covered in various books…16 Gems, ACUTAB, Tune books published by Homespun, Mel Bay.

Butch is charging $60/hr for this instruction. 30 minute blocks can also be purchased for $30. You can contact Butch via his website to arrange lesson times and material.

Skype is a free download available for both Windows and Mac. Video conferencing is cross platform so you will have access to Butch’s instruction regardless of platform. Based on personal experience I would suggest you have a high speed connection such as DSL or cable if you intend to use this service.