• Monroe tributes: Audie, Dawg & Del

    Paying tribute to Bill Monroe with a recording of his songs presents a different challenge than it would for any other musician I can think of. The prime mover behind the creation of bluegrass music, his output forms more of

  • Last Chance from Russ Carson

    Russ Carson is the full-time banjo player with Audie Blaylock and Redline, who has released his debut solo project, Last Chance, on Patuxent Records. It features Russ along with a red-hot rhythm section - and several terrific vocalists - on

  • Audie Blaylock and Mr. Bill

    Next Tuesday (May 31) is the official release date for Audie Blaylock & Redline's terrific Bill Monroe tribute album, I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky. It's actually available now as a digital download online with CDs shipping next week. The record

  • It’s Mighty Dark for Audie Blaylock

    Audie Blaylock is using the Centennial of Bill Monroe's birth as the occasion to release a tribute project on Rural Rhythm, appropriately titled, I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky. Recorded with his road band, Redline, the Big Mon album also

  • Jason Wood to Redline

    After touring of late as a four piece group, Audie Blaylock has announced the addition of Jason Wood from Statesville, NC on mandolin. In addition to being a talented young mandolinist and guitarist, Jason has the rare distinction of being

  • TW Guitars introduces Redline model

    Audie Blaylock has a new Redline... and no, it's not a new band. TW Guitars has introduced a signature model guitar for Audie, which has been dubbed the Redline. It is made with an Adirondack red spruce top and Indian rosewood

  • Live At Graves Mountain video

    Rural Rhythm Records has released a pair of videos in conjunction with the upcoming October 26 street date for All-Star Jam – Live At Graves Mountain. The album was recorded this summer during the Graves Mountain Festival Of Music in Virginia

  • Russ Carson to Audie Blaylock

    Talented young banjo picker Russ Carson has been announced as the newest member of Audie Blaylock and Redline. Russ had been performing of late as a member of Gold Heart, and will be doing double-duty with both bands during IBMA this