• We Three Kings from Anthony Howell

    Anthony Howell, the talented young banjo player with Williamson Branch, has released a new single for the Noxubee Hills Music Group, his own arrangement of a Christmas classic. Actually, Anthony plays more than just banjo with the Williamsons, taking on guitar

  • Mark’s Reel from Alan Sibley & Anthony Howell

    Here's one for everyone who thinks that young people are abandoning traditional bluegrass. Alan Sibley, noted Mississippi mandolinist, vocalist, and bandleader, has united with Anthony Howell, banjo and mandolin man with Williamson Branch, to record an album of new instrumental music.

  • Anthony Howell to Williamson Branch

    Williamson Branch, the family band consisting of bluegrass veterans Kevin and Debbie Williamson and their three daughters, has announced the addition of Anthony Howell to the group. The 18-year old, recent high school graduate will play banjo, mandolin, and 3-finger