SXSW music conference

SXSWThe 2007 SXSW (South by SouthWest) technology conference and trade show has been happening all week. The first half of the week was dedicated to video/film and related topics. Today the conference turns it’s attention to the music industry. This focus will continue through the remainder of the week, ending Saturday evening.

The conference includes panel discussions on a range of topics including legal matters, publicity, merchandising, publishing, new media and emerging markets. Also included are mentor sessions, demo listening sessions, a keynote speach, and of course, some live performances.

Held in Austin, TX the SXSW is a major event with over 13,500 attendies of the tradeshow itself. The various events will be made available online in the coming weeks as audio and video podcasts. You’ll find those on the event’s Coverage Blog. Some content from the first part of the week, covering interactive media, is already available.

Here’s the schedule for the music focused part of the event. Look it over and see if there are any panels or events you’d like to hear, then keep an eye on that coverage blog for your events to be posted. The podcasts are available free of charge, btw.

This is a great way to incorporate that new media into an event, and make the event available to a much wider audience. IBMA should consider doing the same.