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This post is a contribution from Diane Farineua, who will be providing interviews with artists she encounters as part of her research for The Festival Project. See her profile here.

We must forgive members of Crooked Still for not keeping their many blogs completely up to date….they truly are far too busy.

I caught up with the group at The Festy over Columbus Day weekend. Touring on the release of their fifth album, Some Strange Country, it’s been a busy year for them and it’s not over yet.  “We’re off to the UK and Ireland for a few weeks,” says singer Aoife O’Donovan “and then we’re very excited to be doing our first tour in the Southern Hemisphere!” Australia, more precisely, though dates are not yet posted on their website but again, no need to apologize… their time is far better spent playing their hearts out and working on their many side projects.

A dizzying number of side projects, in fact, including notably, Aoife’s release of a 7 inch vinyl solo project (which I cannot stop listening to) and cellist Tristan Claridge collaborating with his sister, Tashina and their band the Bee Eaters, released their first CD last year (ditto on the can’t stop listening to).

Banjo man Gregory Liszt’s band The Deadly Gentlemen, who are on the verge of an official release of their CD, Carry Me To Home, have just announced on their website this weekend that they are giving it away for free, digitally, first! Run, don’t walk to your computer to check that out.

Both bassist Corey DiMaio and fiddler Brittney Haas have their feet in other projects as well, and an internet search on activities by each of these band members could keep you busy for a full day.

Crooked Still is fun, talented, and, fortunately for us, apparently not in need of much sleep.

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