Stolen Instruments – 6.07.06

One of our readers just wrote in to tell us that he recently had several instruments stolen from his home. John did not indicate where his home is located, but since his company is in Atlanta, GA I assume his home is in that area as well. Here’s his report about the instruments, and a way to contact him with info if you know anything.

The instruments that were stolen are:

Music Man Sting Ray Bass (black body)

Ibanez Acoustic guitar with La Bella Deep Talking Bass Strings

Earthwood Bass by Music Man/Ernie Ball. (Note: This instrument was given to me 6 days before it was stolen. The instrument was made for me by the original makers of the Earthwood bass at Music Man. Dan Norton and Ron Saul are very good friends and this was a gift. This instrument is priceless for many reasons. As you can see I like my acoustic bass instruments, strange as it is.)

Two amps were also stolen, here are the descriptions:

Hartke Kickback Bass Amp combo

Fender Combo Bass Amp

As you know all of these instruments can be replaced except the Earthwood Bass. The wood that was used to make this was wood that Dan Norton has had since the early 80’s. He had planned to build himself a bass but never did. He used his wood to make this instrument.

If you have any information about these instruments please contact or call 404-876-1988