Special C does the UK in ’17

This report on Special Consensus’ 2017 tour of the UK is a contribution from bandleader and banjo picker Greg Cahill.

Special C embarked on our bi-annual tour of Ireland/England/Wales/Scotland on January 9 for a 26 concurrent day performance schedule. Rick, Dan and I brought our wives, and Nick brought his girlfriend for the first 6 days of the tour. We arrived in Dublin the morning of January 10 and stayed there that day, then moved to Dun Laoghrie to stay January 11-12, where we began our performance schedule on January 12.

We visited Dublin Castle the day we arrived in Dublin, January 10, and here is a photo of our mando player Nick Dumas proposing marriage to his girlfriend Hana on the interior castle green. We heard a big “awwwwwww” from the other visitors in the area and of course my wife Jackie, Dan’s wife Cheryl and Rick’s wife Nicole were all a tad teary eyed.

Our booking agent for the tour Nigel commented: “Look what happens when I leave you alone for a few hours – you came over with three wives and a girlfriend and you will be going home with three wives and a fiancee.”