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Song Of The MountainsWe reached Sean Kotz with Horse Archer Productions again this afternoon, and he shared a minor update on the situation with The Lincoln Theatre Board and the status of Song Of The Mountains, the PBS-syndicated, live-performance television program. Production of unaired episodes was halted last week when host Tim White’s contract was terminated, and the Theatre Board announced that the show would be going on hiatus.

Horse Archer resounded to this news by announcing that they would not continue working with the show absent White’s return, and had a meeting with the Board last night to seek solutions to this impasse. Horse Archer has been responsible for audio and video production on the show since original producer André Burroughs left several years back.

Kotz left that meeting with nothing settled.

Sean Kotz“Nothing was officially decided at the board meeting in our presence and there were certainly no definitive changes, which includes our position. Simply put, Horse Archer is with Tim White.
But that is about all that has been straight forward. Since we didn’t know it was coming and only some of the host segments were taped, when Tim was fired, we immediately stopped editing, pulled the facts together as we could and are currently waiting on a plan for completion. We did not leave the meeting with enough information to set the wheels in motion again yet.
Having said all that, I am starting to think this thing might just turn around.
After I left the meeting last night, Joe Ellis (one of the founders of the show) proposed a plan that might bring Tim back to the Lincoln stage and airwaves soon. I don’t know all the details since it is being formally drafted this weekend for review early next week, but I have talked to Joe and said we want to sign on if it will get Tim back and keep the show rolling, and I think it could.
I am not 100 percent sure how it proceeds from there, but I am hopeful anyway.”

So that’s some good news perhaps for Song Of The Mountain fans. We’ll have more information as it is available.

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