Some Part of Something

My down the street neighbor and friend Ricky Skaggs is performing with The Nashville String Machine as we speak. I’m not sure of the title of the song, but, it’s very Irish sounding and fantastic. I imagine there will be a purist or two in the house who might not like it and say that it “ain’t no part of nothing”, but it is part of something and quite breathtaking.

When was the last time you heard some French Horns with a bluegrass band? It’s happening now. I ran into an old co-worker, Kirk Kirkland, son of famed choral arranger Camp Kirkland and his wife, Julianne, who are part of the orchestra. I never dreamed I see those two performing with a bluegrass band. They seem a little shell shocked. Let’s hope their lives will change for the better tonight!

Andy Leftwich is some kind of fiddle man. Mark my word, a hundred years from now, when our great-grandkids talk about great fiddlers, Andy will be one they talk about. Yes, he’s but a boy now…just trust me on that.