Six Minutes Apart

Six Minutes Apart: 11 year old Morse twins, Isaac (banjo) and Mitchel (mandolin)Most of us can remember, and will tell the story with enthusiasm, how we became interested in bluegrass music. Many of those stories would be similar, “I heard it on the radio and had to pull my car over” or “A friend took me to a bluegrass festival” or something of that nature. How many of us, when sharing our story, would point to Bugs Bunny as our inspiration?

That is exactly the story that 11 year old Isaac Morse tells however. A few years ago he was minding his own business watching cartoons when Bugs pulled out a banjo. The sound found it’s way into Isaac’s ears and he hasn’t looked back.

His younger brother, by six minutes, soon followed his lead and picked up a mandolin. Accordingly, they’ve started their own band, Six Minutes Apart.

The boys are still learning, but it sure looks like they are heading in the right direction. MSNBC ran an article about the twins recently.

At this point, the boys only play instrumental tunes, no vocals. Who knows, that could change according to their elementary music teacher.

One has a nice voice, but I don’t know which one.