Singing siblings are The Vespers

It’s almost too cute… A pair of singing sisters meet up with a pair of picking brothers across a campfire jam, and a new band is born.

But that is exactly how The Vespers got together. Callie and Phoebe Cryar joined forces with Taylor and Bruno Jones to release their debut CD of original music (Tell Your Mama) in March of 2010.

The ladies come from a folk music background, while the gentlemen came up in southern rock. The Vespers utilize an array of acoustic instruments, including banjo, mandolin, guitar and bass among them, though not necessarily in a particularly bluegrass style.

What they lack in the instrumental and vocal virtuosity of a Crooked Still, they seek to compensate with their quirky songs and youthful exuberance. The Vespers maintain a busy touring schedule, stopping in venues who commonly feature both folk and bluegrass music.

Here is their debut music video, for Will You Love Me.

You can sample all 13 tracks from Tell Your Mama on iTunes.